18 million obvious secrets about Facebook business pages you need to know today

During Facebook’s second quarter earnings call, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg announced there are about 18 million business pages on Facebook and 1 million are being added every *month*.

Broken down that would be around:

  • 33,333 pages created every day
  • 1,368 created every hour
  • 23 created every minute
  • 1 created every 3 seconds or so

Now, true, this “business page” count does include every page category.  But still, wise businesses (and individuals!) are already taking advantage of this. Facebook makes it so easy for to connect with your customers; using it is just plain common sense.

Are you doing so yet?

Facebook business pages have the wondrously glorious social advantage in that they allow anyone to build thriving communities of rabid fans. Depending upon your topic (business, brand, irrational passion, moose, etc.) you can quickly grow the number of ‘likes’, thus helping you get the word out about your business.

One of the best roadmaps I’ve found for this is Facebook Demystified: The 10 Critical Components Of A Viral Fan Page by Don Wilson; he has been fine-tuning the art of Facebook business pages for popular and/or newsworthy topics for over a year now.  I used his techniques myself to build:

Keep in mind these pages are for individual community passions and NOT business pages for businesses.  Still, though, these techniques can be applied to businesses; witness the “Boycott Rolling Stone Magazine for their latest cover” 170K business page that blew up in under 24 hours after the Rolling Stone Magazine put the Boston Marathon Bomber on their cover.

That Facebook page gained national news attention, which then drove more individuals to check out Rolling Stone.

Go figure.

The point to remember however is that Facebook is home to millions and millions of users, all who have their particular passions, favorite brands and more.   It’s an excellent way for businesses to grow their social reach.

Intrigued yet?  If you do not have a Facebook business page, here are some excellent resources to help you begin your journey.

Major business publications also discuss Facebook as well.

Consider these articles from Forbes.com:

Consider these articles from Inc.com:

Consider these articles from Entrepreneur.com:

It’s a fact.  Smart businesses use Facebook.

Don’t stop just with Facebook however; Google+ is fast-growing its social network as well!

Remember, your fans are out there in social media. Proactively reach out and engage them. Your bottom line will thank you for it.

Barbara Ling is a 17-plus year veteran marketing entrepreneur, currently specializing in teaching others how to build a viral fanbase/community online using Facebook, Pinterest, blogging, coffee (lots of coffee, or maybe tea if that’s your preference) and more! See her Google Profile here!

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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