The 18-34 Age Group Is The Most Easily Annoyed At Slow Social Response Times [STUDY]

A new study by Havas Worldwide suggests that consumer expectations are very high for social responsiveness, and brands that fail to meet those expectations risk alienating a large portion of consumers.

Unsurprisingly, youth – defined as 18-34 years old – is the age group most easily annoyed by slow response time on social media.

The Havas data comes from a survey conducted online of 10,219 adults in 31 countries around the world.

The following graph from displays the report’s key findings:

The fact that 53% of respondents overall (and 57% of 18-34-year-olds) said they believe companies are more responsive to customers when they complain via social media means that social media customer service is only going to continue to balloon as a field.

Social customer service is definitely a hot-button topic of late, and brands would do best to ensure they’re responding to users thoroughly and within a reasonable time.

Do you get annoyed when you tweet a brand and they take several days to tweet back, or don’t at all?

(Source: Angry image via Shutterstock.)