175 Years of Presidential PR: INFOGRAPHIC

From "I Like Ike" to "Change We Can Believe In."

Presidential candidates have been using slogans to influence voters for over a hundred years, with varying degrees of success.

“History shows us one thing remained constant in political ‘sloganieering’: The party in power always had a positive message, while the party out of power told us how bad things are,” Bill Jasso, professor of practice of public relations at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, told PRNewser.

“The big difference this time is the apparent unity of both parties around a “glass is half-empty” message. Few of the candidates on either side have adopted what I would call an aspirational slogan.”

Jasso said he feels for today’s political communcations. “Nuance has never been a strong suit in politics, but its next to impossible on a campaign button or bumper-sticker. All we are left with is a catchy three-to-four word phrase that explains nothing. Its “The Selling of the President” all over again.”

For a brief history lesson on presidential slogans, Communications@Syracuse created the infographic below, which tracks 175 years of presidential PR.