17 Journos to Appear on Final Edition of ‘The Chris Matthews Show’

As NBC’s “The Chris Matthews Show” comes to an end this weekend, some 17 journalists will appear on the final show. They include journalists from a wide array of media outlets: CNN’s Gloria Borger, NYT‘s David Brooks, NYT‘s Elisabeth Bumiller, TIME‘s Michael Duffy, HuffPost and MSNBC’s Howard Fineman, New York Mag’s John Heilemann, WaPo‘s David Ignatius, BBC’s Katty Kay, TIME‘s Joe Klein, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, NPR’s Michele Norris, NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell, Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page, WaPo‘s Kathleen Parker, Andrew Sullivan, Atlanta Journal Constitution‘s Cynthia Tucker, and WaPo‘s Bob Woodward.

Elements of the show:

  • Chris and his 17 panelists look ahead to America’s future.
  • A Champagne toast to Chris as the panelists ask Chris some questions.
  • A closing word from Chris Matthews.