17 Brands That Called Their Moms on Mother’s Day


We know you saw this one coming. Sunday wasn’t just Mother’s Day–it was the 100th time the United States has officially celebrated the holiday thanks to one Woodrow Wilson.

While the woman who petitioned the president to make the holiday official in honor of her own first lady may “despise” its “sappy commercialization”, many millions of Americans and the consumer brands that serve them are perfectly fine with it.

Here, then, are a few of the many that took advantage of the occasion.

1. Game of Thrones

It’s a tough, thankless job to raise dragons and serve as kinda-queen, but someone’s gotta do it.

2. Playskool

A little brutal honesty from one of our favorite celebrity moms:


3. Dove

And some key messaging from a brand that’s worked hard to get in mom’s good graces:

Dove mom

4. MLB Fan Cave

Of course, it wasn’t just mom-and-kids consumer brands celebrating the day:

5. Dove Men+Care

A few even encouraged men to open up and say what they really feel (to a consumer goods brand on Facebook):

Dove Men

6. American Airlines

Some brands got generous with their employees/customers/both:

7. Southwest Airlines

Others encouraged their moms to have a good time (in moderation, of course)…

8. Rogue Ales

While some just said “who cares if she drinks the whole thing?”

9. YouTube

The world’s richest dorks reminded us that everyone has a mom–even the non-humans among us:

10. Toyota

While other, less tech-savvy folks seemed to confuse motherhood with the high school prom.

11. Nilla

Then the cookies weighed in. Some were so over flowers.


12. Oreo

Others went more for the emotional payoff:

13. Chips Ahoy

And still more cookies wanted to make sure no one forgot anything important…

Chips Ahoy

14. Play-Doh

More proactive brands encouraged their younger followers to make their own flowers.


15. Butterfinger

One brand even dared to ask “Do flowers get stuck in your teeth forever?”

16. Sonic Drive-In

On the odd front, here’s an unusual metaphor:

17. Lifeway Foods

Finally, in case you thought related campaigns had to be, you know, cute…here are some talking intestines.

LG Electronics

OK, so our last entry may be the most thorough. LG didn’t just release a message, image or video: they encouraged followers to submit their “mom confessions” and posted their favorites on a Times Square billboard. Here’s one:

…and here’s the billboard.

LG mom

Now who loved their moms the most–and which ones did we miss?