16-Year-Old Helps Shoe Website Go Viral; Makes Us Want To Barf

Juicystar07, a self-proclaimed “makeup guru” on Youtube, has got it made.

This sixteen year old chick has been reviewing makeup and fashion (and scoring plenty of freebies) for a while now; two weeks ago she posted a video for Shoes of Prey (which sent her payment for the vid) and traffic for the startup went through the roof.

One of the founders, writing about the experience on his company’s blog, said:

We’ve now had over 700,000 visits to the Shoes of Prey website, and 500,000 of those came last week!!! Our previous best day of traffic was 17,092 visits during the week that both Springwise and TechCrunch covered us. That day now looks like a speed hump compared with our new best day of 197,104 visits.


For “Blair”‘s part, she is a very savvy businesswoman, too: rumor has it that she’s already got an agent and all (though we hope she’s getting more than $250 for sending 500,000 people to Shoes of Prey), though obviously if you’re going to be a Youtube star, it doesn’t hurt to be attractive.

Now very few of those visits translated into sales, since “Blair”‘s audience is mostly 13-17 year old girls with no credit cards. But talk about the power of social media. Half a million hits in a week. If you’re looking to make an impact on your biz, you could do worse than hiring a not unattractive minor to pitch your products. (Wait, what??)

And that’s all the digging we’re going to do into the world of 16-year-old makeup “gurus” because we need to go barf now.