$16 Billion WhatsApp Goes Down for Four Hours, Losing Millions of Users

telegramWhatsApp suffered four hours of downtime over the weekend causing many to further question the app’s purchase of $16 billion from Facebook. In what is described as the longest and biggest outage of the app since its inception, the app suffered major losses in the millions. WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum, attributed the service error as a result of a bad router causing a cascade of failures which took down the company’s servers. He promised that changes were being made to prevent the problem from happening again.

During Whatsapp’s downtime, over four million users turned to another free self-destructing app, Telegram, which also offered end-to-end encryption as a privacy feature. The app saw as many as 100 new users per second, causing at least two hours of service disruption.



It appears that neither companies were unable to hand the large amount of good fortune of new users.