16-35s OK with Mobile Ads if Services are Free or Discounted

Cellphone_Keypad_Clipart.jpgSounds good—but only if it’s free. That’s the word from young mobile phone users; a recent study by U.K.-based Mobixell Networks (a mobile ad company) said that 35% of 16- to-35-year-olds would use more ad-funded multimedia messaging services (MMS), and 29% would use more video services, if those services were offered for free or at a discount, MediaPost reports.

Mobixell Networks said that the “18-35 demographic group currently consumes 56% of mobile media content. That group makes up 29% of TV viewers.” Meanwhile, according to Jupiter Research, 58% of European advertisers plan to use MMS images as a part of their marketing plans, 56% will use in-stream video ads, and 50% have plans for MMS video campaigns, the article said.

A similar survey from Critical Path last week said that 79% of consumers would put up with mobile ads if mobile applications were free, although other questions in that survey indicated that most subscribers still wouldn’t use the apps regardless.

(Image credit: Clipart.com)