15th Street Rivalry, Chapter XXI

We would never ascribe ulterior motives to the delightful Annys Shin, but the Post certainly carpe diem’ed the chance to run some anti-Examiner talking points today in the guise of a business brief.

The Patuxent Publishing Company, which runs some community newspapers around Baltimore, put out some talking points in advance of the Examiner’s launch there this month.

“According to a copy of the talking points, Patuxent’s strategy is simple: When in doubt, quash any enthusiasm for the competitor with the sort of unsolicited, bubble-bursting advice you get from grandpa,” Shin writes.

Example: “Advertiser: ‘The Examiner has offered me six months of advertising for free.’

“Power response: ‘All of us in the past have bought something new that appeared cheaper on the surface and it ended up costing us more in the long-run.'”

Do the Post ad people have their own anti-Examiner talking points? Maybe the Baltimore Sun’s Nick Madigan can look into that.