Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum Falls on Hard Times

Quoth the Baltimore city planning department: nevermore. Okay, we’ll admit that that’s a downright terrible joke in the face of the sad subject matter and perhaps the laziest segue into a post ever, but it’s early and the middle of the week, so what can you do? Moving on… Even though the crippling financial downfall that took countless museums and cultural institutions down with it seemed to have slowly lessened over the past year or two, the NY Times reports that another museum has fallen on hard times and is facing closure: the Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum.The paper writes that, due to budget cutbacks, last year Baltimore stripped away its $85,000 annual support for the museum, which resides in the house Poe himself lived in for two years in the 1830s. Without that funding, and the fact that their visitor numbers have been extremely low, given that it’s located “amid a housing project, far off this city’s tourist beaten path,” unless their current financial situation is remedied, the museum will run out of money and be forced to close sometime next summer. Fundraising efforts thus far have been mildly successful, but those behind the museum see only two options for its ongoing survival: the city turns back on the annual support or someone steps in with loads of money to help bail it out.