15 Types of Photos You Can Tweet (Even if Your Product is Ugly)

For those brands whose products are intangible (like a management consulting firm) or generally not-that-pretty (like accounting software), there is still hope.

It’s easy for brands like Sephora and Starbucks to tweet plenty of beautiful looking photos. After all, their products are beautiful! Who doesn’t love a moody shot of a coffee on a cold, drizzling afternoon, or the latest eye shadow kits in a rainbow of colors?

But for those brands whose products are intangible (like a management consulting firm) or generally not-that-pretty (like accounting software), there is still hope. They can still take advantage of the huge uptick in retweets and engagements that pictures generate.

Here are 15 types of photos you can tweet, regardless of what your product looks like:

1. Quotes. If you’re tweeting a quote, why not overlay it on top of a related image? Inspirational quotes over landscapes, business quotes over workspaces… these type of images work for almost any industry.
2. Behind-the-scenes candids. Snap a photo of your team, working with a client, or while you’re out in the field to give your account a personal touch.
3. Your customers enjoying your product. With your clients’ permission, why not take a photo of them using your software or sitting in a meeting with your team? It might not be as “sexy” as a cup of coffee, but it’s a good visual message nonetheless.
4. Industry events and tradeshows. If you’re attending an event, tweet photos throughout the day (and don’t forget to use the event’s hashtag!).
5. Office parties. Show that you work hard, and play hard.
6. Header photos from your blog posts. If your blog posts contain header images, simply grab these each time you tweet a link to a post.
7. Graphs and charts. Including stats in your tweet? Make them more share-worthy by whipping together a quick graph or chart.
8. Memes. Grumpy cat, overly attached girlfriend, bad luck Brian… consider including memes in your tweets (as long as you get them right!).
9. Stock photos. If all else fails, you can always turn to stock photos to visually reinforce the tweets you send.
10. Photos of your workspace. Sure, you might not work in the most glamorous space, but tweeting a photo of your personal or office workspace will give your audience some context.
11. Photos that show off your personality. Going out for a nice lunch with a client? Snap a photo. Having an office pet day? Tweet those cute little fur balls. Tweet photos that go beyond the basics and say a bit about your work or personal life.
12. Mini-infographic, or segment of a larger one. Infographics are a great way to present data in a visually-appealing manner, and they’re likely to get you some serious retweets, too.
13. Community-created photos. If you’re stuck for photo ideas, why not ask your audience to contribute? Run a contest or simply ask for submissions, and retweet the best. Don’t forget to thank everyone who entered!
14. Screenshots. These are especially great if your product is virtual, like software or an app. Tweet photos of your product in action!
15. Vines. While not officially photos, Vines are a great option for brands looking to be a little more creative in their visual tweeting.

Have any other ideas of interesting visuals to tweet? Share them with us in the comments!

(Taking a photo image via Shutterstock)