15 People Business Insider Left Off Its ‘Top 50 Tech PR’ List


ICYMI, yesterday Business Insider posted another of its famous clickbait listicles (not that we would ever do anything like that, cough cough). This one was of particular interest to the people in PR.

It’s true that “The 50 Best Public Relations People in the Tech Industry in 2014” was — as one of our industry friends put it — “so arbitrary.” At the same time, it’s always good to see journalists highlighting the real, valuable work done by PR rather than denigrating the entire industry.

It was also nice to see friends of the site Ed Zitron of EZPR and Barbara Bates of Eastwick get some respect.

A couple of things we noticed: someone really likes working with Waggener Edstrom and Brew PR and there weren’t a whole lot of names on the list from the usual suspects. Check out the O’Dwyer’s top tech firms list and notice how many of them didn’t appear in the BI post.

After the jump, we listed some people — both abstract and specific — whose absence we noted.

  • Someone from Edelman (They’re the world’s biggest PR firm, Zeno Group is in Silicon Valley and Edelman Digital has been expanding all over the place)
  • Someone from Ketchum, which just shuffled its tech leadership
  • Someone from DKC PR, which just hired Cotton Delo of AdAge, has some huge tech clients and pitches us regularly
  • Someone from Golin
  • Someone from Blanc & Otis
  • Someone from Spark PR
  • Someone from SHIFTComm
  • Someone from HORN Group
  • Peter Himler of Flatiron Communications, who is not a tech specialist but definitely has some good tech clients
  • Colin Nagy of The Barbarian Group, because dude is on top of things in New York
  • Sandra Fathi of Affect PR, a New York-area tech trendsetter
  • Leslie Campisi of Hotwire PR, who we would work with more often if she weren’t so busy
  • Aedhmar Hynes of Text 100, another trendsetter in the industry
  • Harrison Wise of WISE PR, which opened an office in San Francisco recently and has had clients acquired by Google and Facebook. He also knows how to throw a good party.
  • Lloyd Trufelman of TrylonSMR, who’s been holding it up in NYC for some time

The point? Our little list is just as arbitrary as the one compiled by Business Insider. We’re not “tech press”, so of course we don’t have as many names in our imaginary Rolodex as the fine people at that publication.

[Ed. note: since I run two blogs, I also don’t have the time to pore through our email history to get as specific as I’d like to be in giving shout outs to all the tech-savvy people who have helped me out over the past two years.]

Still, the BI list tells us something: Waggener aside, the little shops are currently upstaging the big boys in the tech world. This may explain why so many have been acquiring tech specialty shops and hiring tech vets in recent months and years (Hill+Knowlton just hired a longtime tech strategist to run its SF office, etc. etc.)

Help us out in the comments or use the anonymous tip box: who should have made the BI listicle but didn’t?

And no, we have no problem with shameless self-promotion.

@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.