15 Awesome interactive maps from the New York Times

There’s a reason why many online news sites have created and featured interactive maps: a map is like a blank canvas on which the artist, or journalist in this case, can lay out a story. The New York Times is one such newsroom using online and interactive maps to tell stories. Even though each of the maps below feature some sort of location, each of the stories they tell is wildly different.

While it’s true that The Times has a wealth of resources and staff that many other newsrooms to do not have, these maps transcend technology and this form of interactive storytelling can be replicated by any newsroom.

1. A Peek Into Netflix Queues

The Times examines the most popular Netflix rentals in major cities across the U.S.

2. New York City Homicide Map

A visual database of the 3,700 homicides that occurred in New York City between 2003 and 2009.

3. A 200-Year-Old Tour of Gastronomic Paris

Photos and an interactive map are combined to create an interactive slideshow of various food-related hot spots in the French city.

4. Immigration and Jobs: Where U.S. Workers Come From

A combination bubble chart/map that shows both the location where foreign-born workers come from and the industries they occupy.

5. Food Stamp Usage Across the Country

What U.S. counties are using the most food stamps? This detailed interactive map breaks down the numbers county by county.

6. The Destruction in Port-au-Prince

A dynamic map of the post-earthquake devastation of Haiti that combines satellite imagery and interactivity to tell the story of the nation.

7. Walking in Holden’s Footsteps

The travels of “Catcher in the Rye” protagonist Holden Caulfield are linked to real New York City locations.

8. Tracking Swine Flu Cases Worldwide

Reported swine flu cases from around the world are mapped with an accompanying map for North America.

9. Geography of a Recession

Another map of U.S. counties, this time used to show which areas are most affected by the current economic recession.

10. Southern California Wildfires

The extent of the damage caused by recent wildfires in California is communicated visually.

11. What’s Cooking on Thanksgiving

What do Americans eat on Thanksgiving? According to this interactive heat map, cranberry sauce is popular in western states and sweet potato pie is popular in the South.

12. Tell Us the Best Places to Go in 2010

The Times invites readers to share their travel plans by adding the name of the location and a written recommendation to other readers.

13. Born in the U.S.A.

Cars manufactured in the U.S. are featured on this map. The project also includes photos and locations of where individual models are produced.

14. Vancouver’s Olympic Venues

A beautiful animated and interactive map of the locations where the 2010 Winter Olympic Games took place.

15. Where the Pies Are

New York City has some of the best pizza in the world. The best pizza places in the city are mapped along with prices, hours of operation, photos and directions.

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