16 Great PR Parody Twitter Accounts

"This is ripe for parody!" - Tobias Funke

Since it’s a Friday, fashion week is ending and the Oscars are coming up, we thought we’d do something slightly different today: list a few our favorite parody accounts poking light fun at the PR/agency/media worlds on Twitter.

Some of these accounts are still active and some are a couple of years past their prime, but they’ve all provided us with at least some mild amusement.

1. FakeBPGlobalPR

Starting with the oldies-but-goodies, this one was really the progenitor of the genre.

BP’s PR operation was so horrible at the time that it was almost believable; sadly, it only created a few tweets before disappearing into that great Twitter feed in the sky.

2. FakeNBCU_PR:

Fake BP gave people ideas; this parody was equally short-lived, but its creators got a couple of zingers in before they signed off. Can you imagine how they would have responded to Brian Williams?

3. NRA_PressSec

Another short-lived, much-needed account. The NRA’s press outreach efforts are currently so ridiculously paranoid that they barely need a parody.

4. TakeItFromUsPR

This one may be the gold standard for still-operating accounts poking fun at the PR industry. It, too, took inspiration from BP and continues to tweet about that very company:

5. SpiritAirPR

The bio is self-explanatory: “The public relations department Spirit Airlines would have… if we could afford one.”

6. Adweak

This one technically pokes fun at the advertising world, but tell us this isn’t relevant to PR:

7. AgencyQuotes

Another one that could apply to anyone working in an agency:

8. DPRK_News

This fake North Korean account is so believable that certain gullible, overworked  bloggers with too many other things on their minds may have mistaken it for a real news service in the past:

9. Vice_Is_Hip

This is the only media account we’ve included, but it never ceases to impress us because its headlines (which are basically pitch email subject lines) are so close to VICE’s own work:

10. FacebookPR

Aren’t you sad that this one isn’t real — and that it’s no longer tweeting?

11. NDFakePR

Remember Manti Teo? Those were good times.