15 Fun Real-Time Super Bowl LIII Tweets by Brands That Ran TV Spots

And some other social odds and ends related to the Big Game

Some brands with Super Bowl spots also brought the heat on Twitter ekkawit998/iStock
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Super Bowl LIII is in the books, but the Twitter account for Pringles remained in character through Tuesday, continuing the theme of its Big Game spot by changing the account’s handle to Sad Device before reverting to Pringles Tuesday afternoon.

The ad featured two people making fun of an Alexa knockoff for not being able to participate in flavor stacking, or stacking three different flavored Pringles chips at one to create your own taste.

Amazon had a little fun with Pringles’ campaign, too, even though the device was not an Amazon product, sending out this tweet:

The Bubly Super Bowl ad playing off the brand’s different pronunciation from the last name of singer Michael Bublé spurred reactions from several brands on Twitter:

Avocados from Mexico was one of the few Big Game TV advertisers to do more on Facebook than post spots or longer versions of spots, creating an augmented reality filter game on the social network.

Avocados From Mexico/Facebook

Cars.com, which opted for a digital effort over a Big Game spot, shared some metrics from its The Big Match campaign.

The company said visits to all Cars.com-branded properties during Super Bowl LIII (6 p.m. ET through 1 a.m. ET) were up 42 percent year-over-year, compared with a 17 gain during the rest of Sunday, and hourly visits reached a peak during the 8 p.m. hour.

Its pre-roll and video website card campaign on Twitter drew nearly 27 million views, and pre-roll drove a 65 percent increase in engagement compared with the social network’s platform benchmark. Cars.com said there were over 970,000 engagements with its tweets.

Overall, Cars.com posted 138 pieces of content across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, including 14 interactions with brands advertising during the Super Bowl.

Finally, several of the brands with Super Bowl LIII spots also took to Twitter to react in real-time, with many poking fun at the lack of scoring in the game. Here are 15 of our favorites:

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