14 Twitter Desktop Clients for Mac

So aside from the essential apps that you should download and install for your new Mac, you must be looking for the best Twitter desktop client right now. The good news is, there’s not too many options available right now. So, we’ve gathered 14 of these Twitter desktop clients to help you choose which one to install on your machine. Take note, these are Twitter desktop clients for Mac only.

Twitterific – This is paid Twitter client for Mac and it could also be the best. Why? Get a load of these features – clean, concise interface small desktop footprint, multiple Twitter account support, auto refresh, inline display of replies and DMs, quick delete of tweets, auto show/hide, single click access to user profile pages, keyboard shortcuts, AppleScript support, audio notification, hotkeys.


NambuThis Twitter client for Mac also supports multiple Twitter accounts and multi-column view that lets you specify what stream to display. It also features groups and search filters.


Tweetie – Equally popular with Twitterific, Tweetie is also a paid Twitter desktop client but you can download the free version supported by ads for as long as you want. It’s a full-featured client that supports search trends, threaded DMs, torn off search, bookmarklets and other great features.

Ada – A clean and compact Twitter desktop client that gets rid of usual Twitter clutter and bling blings.


TwittiaA lightweight Twitter client with integrated growl notifications and lets you view public timeline, DMs and replies in their own tabs. It also lets you specify refresh intervals, Twittia features a clean interface and supports Twitpic as well.


Twitter Studio – Like the other Twitter clients, this one also has an integrated growl notification and auto-updates. It lets you customize notifications, Twitter API settings and refresh rate.

Airmailr – This is a full-featured Twitter client available only for the Mac OS X Dashboard. It lets you view different timelines including DMs, @replies and friends. It also lets you post tweets, as well as reply to retweets and DMs. This client also allows you to search for specific tweets. Other features of this client include URL shortening, full growl integration and automatic updates.

Blogo – Not really a sole Twitter desktop client for Mac but also a blogging software. But for its Twitter function it allows you to set automatic updates to Twitter.


Tototl – A fast and lightweight Twitter client that uses SSL for encryption and supports 3 languages – English, Japanese, and Spanish. It rivals in Ada in terms of speed and features. This client would be ideal if you don’t have too many followers.

Mac Lounge – Featuring a nice interface, this Twitter client supports multiple Twitter accounts and Twitter search options. It also allows you to view replies, DMs and public timeline as well as search filters.

NatsuLion – Another nice Twitter client for Mac, NatsuLion features a nice interface, growl notifications, highlighting of tweets using different colors to filter remaining tweets. This client is also available as an iPhone app.


Chirp – This desktop client for Twitter supports multiple Twitter timelines including replies, DMs and public timeline. It features 6 different themes and updates automatically. Chirp also support Jaiku, FriendFeed and Identi.ca.

SyrinxFeatures selective bookmarking of tweets and integrated search, this client also supports growl notifications and a clean interface. It also has several keyboard shortcuts that could make your Twittering activities easier. Also features color customization and sound alerts.


Twidget – Another lightweight Twitter client which is also ideal if you don’t have that many followers. It features auto-updates, new tweet alerts, alerts for new version.