A Very Merry Listicle New Year

Click. The Huffington Post’s “14 Things to Stop Stressing About in 2014” leads off with “your email inbox.”

Click. Among the “14 Things We Can’t Wait For!” at Broadway World is the musical version of Rocky, set to open in March after previews in February.


Click. In case you’ve forgotten, Oliver Willis over at Media Matters for America runs down “14 Things We’ve Learned From News Corp.’s Phone Hacking Trial So Far.” Some might argue that there’s really just one overriding thing we’ve all learned from this sordid mess: When you’re as rich and powerful as Rupert Murdoch, nothing can touch you.

The above, and much more, is what happens when the current listicle craze intersects with the beginning of a year perfectly quantified for this inane form of journalism. In other words (though not quite 14), prepare yourself for at least several more days of “14 Things.”

Along the way, do try to stop comparing yourself to other people, refusing to daydream and-or any of the other dozen-plus-two bits of New Year’s advice from 2Care. OK? As well as be thankful that in the coming 12 months, there are at least 14 things that will not happen.