14 Brands Wanted to Be Picked in the NFL Draft


Have you ever asked yourself whether any pop-culture event could theoretically make for a real-time marketing moment?

The answer, obviously, is “oh yes.”

See, we didn’t watch yesterday’s NFL draft drama because we didn’t need to: we got all the news from our corporate and celebrity friends on Twitter!

The night’s biggest surprise was the fact that favorite and Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel ended up as pick number 22–and as he waited to hear his name called, things got a little awkward. A few on-point social media managers and copywriters took advantage of that fact.

1. DiGiornio continued its string of irreverence:

2. Cheap Caribbean felt even more desperate than Johnny Football himself:

3. Tapiture, an e-commerce platform, went all meme-y on us:

4. Funny or Die shocked the world by making a joke about football:

…and Chris Rock made a better joke (but he doesn’t count since he’s not selling anything at the moment):

Finally, the man got the call from The Browns and an “attaboy” from the big one:

5. Nike

But it wasn’t all about Manziel last night.

6. Puma went with the leadoff man:

7. Dove Men+Care got ahead of the action:

8. Ford showed us its new lineup:

9. NASA  once again proved that you can tie anything to space travel:

10. Bud Light reminded NASA that nothing fits with football quite like beer:

11. Oberto Beef Jerky was like “Hey, remember when this guy made headlines?”

12. Monster Products, better known as “the audio company that isn’t Beats by Dre”, wanted a little attention too:

13. Nerf spoke to the grown-ass man who still likes to play games:


14. Delete Blood Cancer made an odd connection:

Finally, Ellen Degeneres reminded everyone that she doesn’t just take pictures of herself. She also likes sports–and thousands of people will share pretty much anything she tweets.

What did we learn today?

Real-time marketing is anywhere and everywhere–as long as lots of people happen to be watching the same thing at the same time when it happens.