13 News Organizations File Complaints with NYPD Over Treatment of Journalists

(Via Mary Altaffer/ The AP)

A large group of New York based news organizations — 13 in all — have filed complaints with the NYPD about the way journalists covering the Occupy protests have been treated. According to the New York Times, a letter written by George Freeman, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel for The New York Times Company, was sent to the NYPD yesterday.

The letter stated that officers had violated laws and that there have been “numerous inappropriate, if not unconstitutional, actions and abuses,” by the police. It also asked for an immediate meeting with NYPD chief Ray Kelly, and said that things were getting worse as the protests go on:

‘Over the past few months we have tried to work with DCPI to improve police-press relations,’ the letter stated, using shorthand for the department commissioner of public information. ‘However, if anything, the police actions of last week have been more hostile to the press than any other event in recent memory.’

The news organizations that signed the letter include the Times, the AP, The New York Post, The Daily News, Reuters, Dow Jones & Company, WABC, WCBS, WNBC, the National Press Photographers Association, New York Press Photographers Association, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, and the New York Press Club.