12seconds Monetizing Microblogging with UGC Ads?

Microblogging video service 12seconds.tv has added user-generated commercial options to its service today. 12seconds has emerged as a Twitter-like version of video sharing, with the bite sized update format being applied to its specific type of media. Add in Twitter integration and a recent iPhone application with a unique workaround, and it’s clear that 12seconds is determined to offer its features to as many users as possible, in every way possible.

But what about monetization? Creating revenue around the microblogging phenomenon has been difficult for the cream of the crop, so what does 12seconds think it can do in order to begin making money from the trend? User generated commercials. Called 12omercials, these tiny ads will be sponsored by brands, and created by 12seconds users. The point is to offer “dedicated” recommendations to the world, and generate some revenue all the while.

The reward for users could be goods or other prizes, all determined by the sponsors themselves. In this way, user generated commercials act as contests of sorts, with incentives coming from brands, extended to users directly through the 12seconds platform.

The sponsored commercials will automatically be streamed through the user’s Twitter streams as well, making it the first “tweetable video commercial.” Leveraging the Twitter microblogging platform to extend the reachability of the 12omercials is yet another interesting take in the newest 12seconds model–one which could be slightly controversial when you consider the other factors involved with sponsored “posts.”

As far as blogging goes, we’ve all moved past some of the negative connotations that go along with sponsored posts, and even if we haven’t moved past it we’ve accepted it as an existing portion of the blogging economy. Is the 12omercial the next step in this trend? 12seconds already has its first two paying clients that are anxious to try out the new 12omercials, which includes LG.

I’m anxious myself, to see how the public will take to sponsored microblogging updates. As far as brand-related content is concerned, I’d even like to see 12seconds go so far as to aggregate sponsored tweets and provide them as brand-specific pools of data for other users to consider for recommendations. Whether or not the recommendations potential of sponsored commercials is part of the future plan, 12seconds has informed that the mobile component is certainly in the pipeline. Mobile integration for 12omercials could be another good iPhone app that could be used to create ads that are directed to mobile users as well.