12 Ways To Get Fired On Social Media

Just in time for the holidays, Ragan.com has compiled a list of twelve things people have posted on Facebook, Twitter, or even Myspace that ended up getting them canned. But reading about these bonehead moves isn’t all just the gift that keeps on giving: some of these employers display a seriously Grinchy outlook toward how they police their employees’ social media postings.

We have covered a number of these incidents in the past, from the accidental f-bomb posted to Chrysler’s twitter page to the “Cisco fatty,” but check this out:

An employee of NBC posted a clip to YouTube of “Today Show” anchors discussing the Internet. In 1994. It’s a hilarious video, but it got the guy fired. Worse, The Today Show actually saw the clip go viral and aired it earlier this year.

Could be that it’s not that NBC lacks a sense of humor, but that the company has strict rules about publishing content from its archives. Still…