13 Holiday Card and Viral Greeting Websites

ecardThe holidays are here again, so it’s time to send out holiday greetings to all the people you don’t care about enough to call or visit. I kid! Well, kinda.

Remember years ago when the only online holiday card sites were Blue Mountain and eCards? I barely even remember when the lowercase “e” was the bee’s knees. These days, those sites are still around but lots of others are offering different products in the holiday card space.

-) Animoto – Holy crap this site is awesome! Just upload some of your photos or videos, pick or upload some music, add your text and watch as the magical Animoto spits out a professional-looking video for you to post or email to your friends. They’ll think you’re much more tech-savvy than you actually are. Numerous pricing models, starting at free and going up. Totally worth whatever you want to spend.

-) MyCardMaker – This service allows you to upload your photos from Flickr or your desktop and create personalized greeting cards to email to friends and family or print out and send the old fashioned way. While it’s not free, they have an interesting pricing model: join for a day for $4, $20 for a whole year or $30 for two years. $4 is about what greeting cards cost at the drugstore, so this seems like a pretty good deal for just a one-time order. Easy to use interface, email reminders and other features make MyCardMaker a good deal.

-) TinyPrints – If you want to order a whole box of professional-looking personalized stationary or cards, this is a good option. Lots of options on ink, envelopes, etc. that make TinyPrints seem like it has a more discerning clientele. Not really useful for sending out one holiday email out to your folks, but cheaper and easier than getting holiday cards printed up via traditional means.

-) eGreetings, Blue Mountain, eCards and Regards – The old standbys. They have funny and sweet cards for every occasion. Some are free, most are not. You can’t add your own photos, but for simplicity sake you can use these sites quickly to send a no-frills card electronically.

-) Minted – Like TinyPrints, Minted is for the discerning stationary connoisseur. You can order wedding invitations, holiday cards and more, either by uploading photos or working with templates. If you can name more than three kinds of paper, this site is for you.

-) Zazzle – Are holiday cards not enough for you to show your cheer? Zazzle lets you upload your photos and work with their system to create nice cards, but you can also emblazon stamps, shirts, mugs, calendars, ties and anything else you can think up. I can’t imagine a tie with my cat’s photo on it, but Zazzle can.

With all these choices, everyone can find a program that works for them. Get those cards out to those you love and have one less thing to worry about this holiday season.

Viral Holiday Campaigns:

Elf Yourself – OfficeMax once again allows you to Elf Yourself.

Make Your Holiday Sing
– From Intel, ths site allows you to share your own holiday music video and share it with friends. Select your gender , s stage and upload a pic of your mug.

Santa’s Nice List – Put your child on Santa’s Nice List! Upload their name and photo and watch in amazement as St. Nick delivers a personalized video message.

Someecards – For the sarcastic and ironic folks in your life.