12 Days of Giving from HuffPost, Causecast

HuffPostImpact.jpgThe Huffington Post teamed up with social-action network Causecast on 12 Days of Giving, which will use HuffPost’s Impact section to tell the stories of 12 individuals and families in need and the nonprofit groups dedicated to helping them, as well as offering readers a way to help.

The first installment, which debuted Tuesday, tells the story of how 48-year-old Norris Cooper sacrificed Christmas with his family after his release from jail in order to avoid the bad influences of his old neighborhood.

HuffPost co-founder and editor in chief Arianna Huffington said:

I’m delighted to be presenting our readers with 12 moving stories of people and families in need this holiday season, along with specific ways to help them. While this is a time for celebrating with loved ones and family, it’s also a time for remembering those who are less fortunate, especially during these painful economic times when so many people are struggling to get by. By presenting these stories, we hope to be able to make a difference in these people’s lives, and also to shed light on the vitally important work being done by nonprofit groups all across America.

Causecast founder and CEO Ryan Scott added:

These stories were selected in part because they represent a broad cross-section of the country, geographically and demographically. The goal is to present a variety of stories representing the myriad ways in which Americans are struggling, along with a reminder that there are nonprofits helping, and that they need help.