111+ More Ways you can Follow the Egyptian Protests on Twitter

Despite the internet blackout in Egypt, there are many on the ground who have been able to keep those of us outside the country updated about the protests via Twitter. These journalists, activists, and citizens are actively tweeting to ensure that the world knows what’s happening in their country.

Yesterday, we compiled a list of ways to follow the Egyptian protests on Twitter, which was shared quite a bit. And it led to one of our readers informing us of over 111 more ways to follow the protests on Twitter that we didn’t cover in our original post.

@JacobPark alerted us to a Twitter list he had put together of as many people tweeting from Egypt as he could find.

As of right now, there are 111 people on his list.

You can follow what’s happening on the ground in Egypt by following Park’s list. There are reporters interviewing Egyptians, citizens participating in protests, and activists alerting the world to police brutality. All of them are using technology to work around the internet blackout that the Egyptian government has caused, many turning to international phones – which cost a lot – to send their tweets.

This list is vital to anyone looking for a way to get first-hand information about the Egyptian protests.

Our thanks to Jacob Park for putting this list together, and for commenting on our blog and the Social Times Facebook page to bring it to our attention.