11 Weird Sightings At SCOTUS Ruling

As with any major political event, the SCOTUS’ much-anticipated ruling on the Affordable Care Act brought out the weird. We were there to catch it all, including:

A man taking photos with this President Barack Obama Chia Pet that sells for $20.49 on Amazon. The gentleman refused to talk with FBDC about why he was doing this.

This big butt, one of many that made an already cramped event that much smaller.

This maniacal anti-Obamacare protester, who apparently borrowed conservative commentator Pat Buchanan‘s goggles.

These belly dancers who advocate for a single-payer health care system; one of which seems to have an umbilical hernia.

Another big butt.

This patriotic woman who was generally apolitical and only rung her victory bell while yelling “FREEDOM!”

The WTF Are You Doing Here Award goes to this girl with a dog head on. She was there representing SLAB Watchdog, an organization raising awareness on battery recycling.

We thought to ourselves, hey, this man has the right idea. It’s hot outside and he has a Slurpee in hand…

…but then we saw these strange piercings on the back of his neck.

We spotted the sweatiest cameraman on Earth, too.

And one final series of big butts.