11 Things To Do at CraftBuddy, Social Network for Crafters

craftbuddy_logo.gif If crocheted hats, quilts, preemie outfits and other crafts are your kind of thing, then what are you waiting for? Join CraftBuddy and start creating your own profile now. If you don’t what crafting is all about, and you are just curious about this social networking site, here are 11 things you can do after creating your CraftBuddy profile.

  1. Browse and find other Craft Buddies – You might find other members who have similar interests as you. To do this, just select the craft that interest you and click on the search button. From there you will see the profiles of craft buddies who are interested with the craft you selected. Click on their profile and start communicating with them. Who knows, you might end up adding each other in your respective Craft Buddy friend profiles.
  2. Find out about coming events, list your own crafting event and invite other Craft Buddies to join your even. Events can be anything related to crafting. It can even be a craft sale.
  3. Check your buddies current projects or send your own project to display at admin@craftbuddy.com to be considered for display at the Craft Buddy portal.
  4. Check the list of resources to look for helpful organization that might help you with your crafting hobby or business. Craft Buddy is a good way to improve on your, well craft.
  5. What is the good of a social network if there’s no community forum? Interact, socialize, impart your crafting skills and learn from others through the Craft Buddy Forums.
  6. Craft Buddy members certainly have tons of crafts in their inventory. You would definitely buy something interesting up for sale at the Craft Buddy Classifieds section. You can also sell your own stuff by tagging it as for sale in your profile.
  7. Manage your lists of contacts and their phone numbers through a fully functional Contact Manager.
  8. If you think your you have improved your craft and you want to venture out into the crafting business, check out Craft Buddies Business directory.
  9. Invite your friends who are not yet into Craft Buddy to join the network.
  10. Upload your photos, videos or start your own Craft Buddy hosted blog.
  11. Check out Craft Buddies own store for shirts, mugs, hats and merchandise. The Craft Buddy crew are crafters themselves!

If those are not good reasons enough to make you join Craft Buddy, then those are not good reasons. 🙂