11 New Features of WordPress 2.5 – Sweet!

wordpress25.jpgWordPress 2.5 was officially released yesterday (on a Sunday!). And by now, many would have updated their WP installation in their blogs. Was able to update two of my blogs with no problems at all.wordpress25dashboard.jpgWP 2.5 definitely offers a new kind of experience to us all WP bloggers. It’s a complete revamp/overhaul of the WordPress that we all so love the past couple of months. Everything (At least with regards to the interface) was completely changed. From the WP log-in page, to the dashboard. The dark blue theme has been toned down a bit and is now light blue. Better color I would have to say so. The light blue color is very web 2.0ish.Aside from the over-all theme change, here are 11 more goodies delivered by WordPress 2.5 for a user’s point of view:

  1. Cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard – highlights what users always used – write, manage, design, and comments.
  2. Dashboard Widgets – becomes more interesting with the inclusion of widgets that would be most useful to users; blog posts summary, recent comments, incoming links, rss feeds from WordPress Development Blog, Plugins update. The WordPress Development News stay. These widgets are fully customizable. You can change and delete all or any of them to put in feeds from other sites that interest you.
  3. Multi-file upload with progress bar – this one is definitely very useful. You can now upload a whole folder of files or images or music or videos at once.
  4. Bonus: EXIF extraction – WP uploading feature becomes more intelligent with EXIF metadata extraction. If you upload photos with EXIF metadata, WP will extract this information and associate them with the respective photos you uploaded.
  5. Search posts and pages – useful for those using WordPress as a complete Content Management System with several pages. You can now search not only posts about pages in your WordPress sites as well.
  6. Tag management – no need to install separate tag management software. You can manipulate tags right into your WP cpanel.
  7. Password strength meter – nice one!
  8. Concurrent editing protection – useful for multi-author blog installation. WP will autolock a post that is being edited by another user. You can only save your edits once the other user has finished editing the post.
  9. Few-click plugin upgrades – automatic update of plugin in your WP installation. You need to give your FTP password from your blog hosts though to use these feature.
  10. Friendlier visual post editor
  11. Built-in galleries – Is WordPress aiming to become the next Flickr? This upgrade is definitely worth it. You can have instant photoblogging inside your WordPress blog.

You can download the WordPress installation file from WordPress.org now.