100 Veteran AP Staffers Take Buyouts

AP logo2.pngThe Associated Press said yesterday that about 100 staffers had taken a voluntary buyout offered by the news collective.

Among those to take the offer were 49-year veteran reporter Richard Pyle (who did an interview with the Huffington Post earlier this week) and Ron Edmonds, who worked as senior White House photographer, Editor & Publisher reported.

The AP first offered the buyouts in May and the deadline to respond was Monday. The deals were made available to employees “who had been with the news outlet since Jan. 1, 2009; reached age 55 by the end of 2009; had 10 years of ‘vested service’ with AP; and a combined age and years of service equal to 75 or higher,” E&P said. Each buyout includes a $500 lump sum payment for each year of service, and a pension increase.

If you know anyone else who took the deal, let us know, leave an anonymous tip or add a comment.