100 Most Influential UK Journalists on Twitter

There’s more than just Klout for measuring Twitter influence: PeerIndex has used its own measurements to come up with a list of the UK’s top journalists on Twitter.

Starting with a list of 900 UK journalists on Twitter compiled by consultant Stephen Davies, PeerIndex began paring it down to the top 100. They used a proprietary methodology to get the final results.

Without getting into specifics, PeerIndex notes that follower count doesn’t really matter – it’s all about the engagement in their eyes.

In explaining their methodology, the company says that since they,

“…look at how well people engage in their audience, and how relevant their audience is, follower counts are not so important… What does matter is ones ability to share things and engage with ones audience in a meaningful way.

They further explain that they developed a topic web of sorts, to define what a particular Twitter journalist talks about, and whether or not this resonates with their audience. This differs greatly from Klout, as Klout measures influences on a scale of 1 to 100 based on the size of a user’s engaged audience, the likelihood that a tweet will be retweeted, and the influence level of that user’s network.

Here are the top twelve UK-based Journalists on Twitter, according to PeerIndex:

1 Charles Arthur
2 Jemima Kiss
3 Kevin Anderson
4 Alan Rusbridger
4 Hilary Alexander
6 ben goldacre
7 krishnan guru-murthy
8 Jack Schofield
9 Emma Barnett
9 Paul Bradshaw
9 Roger Highfield
9 sunny hundal

You can read more about their methodology and the full list of journalists here.