10 Years Later, WordPress Remains on Top

Ten years ago yesterday, one of the most important tools for digital publishing was willed into existence, one that has had an immeasurable impact on how we live our lives on the Internet. In fact, this blog wouldn’t even exist right now without it.

WordPress has entered double digits, and it serves as the production platform of more than 66 million websites, including some of the biggest websites out  today. And with its new update, WordPress 3.6, coming around the corner, it seems that it will only continue to grow.

How did WordPress become the go-to Content Management System for startup publications and longstanding companies alike? Anyone who has tinkered with the platform knows that it has a simplicity and very small learning curve, which makes even the most non-technical folks feel alright in the backend. However, it may also have to do with its incredible price of free (the platform has been open source since co-founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little released it in 2003) and the fact that it can be highly customizable to any brand or outfit.

But, now at 10, it seems that those behind the platform are getting moon-eyed over its success.

“You’re so beautiful… I’m continually amazed and delighted by how you’ve grown,” co-founder Mullenweg wrote on his blog yesterday. “Your awkward years are behind you. Best of all, through it all, you’ve stuck with the principles that got you started in the first place.”

Of course, 4 billion pageviews on the platform in 2013 don’t hurt either.

To put it simply, journalists would still be adrift in a sea of intensely complicated CMS systems without WordPress. So even if it frustrates you at times, make sure to give your platform a quiet thank you. At the rate it’s going, it’s likely to be going on strong for at least the next 10 years to come.

What do you think of WordPress’s double-digit anniversary? Let us know in the comments.