10 Time Inc. Magazines Cover New Orleans


Kurt Andersen described the more than 150 Time Inc. magazines as being ”like the facade of an old building behind which a generic modern high-rise has been built.” John Huey happens to be the Editorial Director-superintendent of that grand old American structure, the House that Luce built. Huey recently took twelve of his editors on a trip to embattled New Orleans and the result was unexpected. From NYTimes:

”Coincidence or not? This month, 10 of Time Inc.’s magazines are running articles about New Orleans.

”…Mr. Huey said he did not presume that each editor would come back and assign articles about New Orleans, but once they did, the timing was coordinated ahead of next week’s two-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall.”

Entertainment Weekly, Fortune and People are among the Time Inc. titles that will cover the aftermath of Katrina.