10 Things Windows Phone Really Needs in its First Update: Hint – Not Copy/Paste

I read the various re-blogs of Chris Walshie’s Windows Phone 7 “massive update” post with mild amusement.

Massive Windows Phone 7 Update Rumored for January (reblogged in PC World)

Chris is one of the co-developers of the recent ChevronWP7 Windows Phone jailbreak process. Apparently, I’m not the only one who viewed the “massive” part of the update rumor with some skepticism. My friend and Information Week blogger Ed Hansberry appears to share my guarded optimism.

Windows Phone 7 Update To Be “Massive” – Maybe (Information Week)

I am shocked to admit that I haven’t missed copy/paste in Windows Phone 7 yet. This is shocking because I was one of those people who expressed dismay when the iPhone shipped without this feature and when Microsoft announced it would not be available in Windows Phone 7 after being available for over a decade in Windows Mobile. Here’s a few thoughts of what Windows Phone 7 does need in its first update:

1. Unified or simplified inbox for managing multiple email accounts
2. List of the last 5 (or thereabouts) apps/tasks launched (like the old Palm-size PC)
3. On-screen camera button. The physical camera button the HD7 takes too much pressure to quickly take a photo
4. Limit market app searches to just the object type being searched for. Apps, for example.
5. Ability to upload recorded video to SkyDrive
6. Ability to upload Word, Excel, PowerPoint files to SkyDrive
7. Faster map app
8. Multiple app icons per line in app list view
9. Ability to read 2D barcodes and QR codes
10. Ability to listen to audio over Bluetooth when watching video