10 Social Networking Apps for Your New iPhone 3G

Did you get a new iPhone yesterday and starting to enjoy your new mobile toy? Have you downloaded new applications already? Have you instaleld the new iPhone OS 2.0? Well you should by now. Why? To enjoy these cool social networking applications we’ve gathered up for you. We’ve already gave you a sample with the Facebook applications for the iPhone. Now here’s 10 more social networking applications especially for your new iPhone.

Pownce – the good old microblogging/social networking service that lets you keep in touch with and share stuff with your friends finds its way to the iPhone; lets you browse, send messages, files, link and reply to your friends messages.

Mobile Flickr – the most popular photo sharing site also got into the iPhone fever with this mobile Flickr iPhone apps and its a pretty rich application if we could say so. This application lets you; browser all of your photos, your contacts’ photos, and any other public photos, upload any photo from your iPhone, view photostreams, favorites, tags, sets and groups, plus all the other features of the web-based Flickr.

MySpace Mobile – if Facebook’s got its own iPhone application, and so is its rival MySpace. This application lets you send messages, browse your network of friends, upload and share photos from your iPhone, post comments on friends’ profiles, and photos, stay up to date with bulletins, and search to find new friends.

Twitterific – Oh yes folks! The iPhone social networking party wouldn’t be fun if Twitter is not around. Of course this application lets you read and publish tweets on Twitter’s public timeline. It’s a great way to stay connected with friends, families and co-workers.

Twittelator – The mobile Twitter with a twist. What makes this Twitter mobile application for the iPhone special is the fact that it can notify your friends if you need help and will even give them a map of your location so they can reach you in no time at all. It also allows you to take snapshots and post photos automatically.

Zenbe List – We’ve reviewed Zenbe here in Rotorblog not so long ago. This nifty web 2.0 service goes to the iPhone with a useful mobile application that lets you view and edit lists, share your lists, let people you share your lists with edit your list, share list on iGoogle.

Eventful – Aside from letting you find local events or find out what’s on your favorite event venue and which performers are on, this mobile application also lets you share all these with your friends. It also lets you find out what your friends are doing.

LifeCast – A mobile lifestreaming application for your iPhone which lets you record life in text and photos as you go about your daily life, it stamps entries and record geo-location, share your LifeCast on the web through Blogger and Tumbler.

Zintin – lets you discover people around you, and know when you have friends nearby; share pictures and express yourself via your wall, exchange contact easily.

SnapMyLife – lets you share and view photos, location and mapping features, instant access to your friends’ photos, favorites and comments.