10 Reporters We’d Drink With

Maybe we see conspiracy a little too easily after months of talking Benghazi, the IRS and Weiner’s mayoral race. Maybe FamousDC’s recent Ten DC Reporters You Should Know list is just an honest, fun-loving story that has nothing to do with the fact that FamousDC is the brainchild of Story Partner’s Amos Snead. Story Partners is a PR firm “with a history of influencing outcomes” and, as we understand these things, PR firms sometimes use flattery when dealing with reporters they need to… influence. We’re sure that the promised follow-up 10 Hill Staffers You Should Know is just a straight-forward list as well.

And we were ready to move on.

But then our questions to FamousDC about selection criteria and how the list was put together—or narrowed down from suggestions made by FamousDC’s contacts, as the story says—have been so far met by silence.

One thing we expected to find, and really didn’t, though, were self-congratulatory tweets from the journos who made FamousDC’s list. More often, it was journalists who knew someone on the list retweeting, because the association means that they are also awesome. Bloomberg‘s Claire Compton wins best response:

Ten reporters you should know: bit.ly/10K7cyh @famousdc . Better list: Ten reporters you should drink with.

— Claire Compton (@KClaireCompton) May 30, 2013

Agreed. So here it is, FishbowlDC’s 10 Reporters You Should Drink With.

  1. John Stanton

    His Twitter feed is sometimes a Jameson advertisement. Recently: “White boy dred who’s a damn orioles fan just said “Jameson tastes gross.” Somebody get bail money and my attorney @pbsenerchia.” We, too, feel his irrational need to defend Irish whiskey and will take up arms alongside him.
  2. Neil Munro

    It’s always been a dream of ours to drink with someone who’d interrupt us a lot—especially at the most inappropriate and inopportune times possible—and we couldn’t think of anyone better than Neil for the job.
  3. Charlie Hurt

    We’ve been trying to drink with Charlie for a while now, but to no avail. The great thing about Charlie is he’s a roaring good time and you never know which hairstyle is going to show up — relatively tame, trimmed, afro chic? Maybe his appearance on this list will convince him to go out for a few, if we can tear him away from his 110-pounder dog, Molly. Also…maybe we could get a Drudge hit out of it?
  4. Rebecca Shoenkopf

    Wonkette‘s publisher, better known as she of the sideways Twitter profile pic. We don’t read her work except when showing interns how not to write, but we do hear she likes to tie one on. And let’s amend this one, we wouldn’t drink with her, as she’s not the nicest girl in town. But we’d splurge for an Uber taxi to make sure she got home safely.
  5. Justin Green

    He can’t even listen to music without being drunk, so this was an easy choice. From Twitter recently: “I’m a Jack Daniels guy, but if it must be Scotch, Talisker 10 isn’t the worst thing ever.” How true.
  6. Julie Mason

    How could you not want to drink with someone from Sirius XM’s P.O.T.U.S. Channel who can put it like this: “@scarylawyerguy I just really appreciate you taking the time to explain the issues to me. I don’t know much about journalism. #mansplainer” Imagine that, magnified with alcohol. Plus, she’s just funny. We like that.
  7. Sam Stein

    This HuffPost political reporter already plies all his sources with liquor, right? That kind of strategizing gets our attention.
  8. Elise Foley

    Elise made FamousDC’s list too, but she got that  #FakeDCBars hashtag trending and was real quick to correct anyone who posted a fake bar that was actually a real one. So it only makes sense to include her as we figure this HuffPost reporter knows something about bars.
  9. Chris Matthews

    He. Is. Crazy. That’s reason enough. But, since everyone assumes he’s just always drunk all the time, he’s an obvious perfect fit.
  10. Mark Liebovich

    Our thinking on this one is if we can get this NYT‘s magazine writer drunk enough, he might spill some details on his upcoming book, This Town. We’ve just been dying to  know how right Top Journalist Mike Allen is about how prominently or not Liebovich has featured him.