10 Questions About the Apple iPad That I’d Like Answered

OK. This will be the last iPad related blog post for today. I started off this series of iPad related blog posts by asking…

Apple iPad: What’s Missing? Does It Matter?

I’ll close by noting a few unknowns and a couple of guesses:

1. I noticed a lot of people wondering which iPhone apps will not work on the iPad. I think we can get 90% to that answer by simply assuming a few common sense things like: Apps that use hardware features unavailable on the iPad (like a camera or voice phone) will not work.

2. Is the iPad Safari web browser more like Safari for Mac OS X or the iPhone? This is important to me because Google Docs components don’t work very well on the iPhone. And, I’d really like to have a good Google Docs experience on the iPad.

3. Will iPad Notes sync with anything?

4. Does the iPad’s Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR support Near Field Communciation (NFC)? Would it be possible, for example, to auto-upload photos from a camera that also supports NFC?

5. What are the prices for the various iPad accessories: Keyboard dock, case, Camera Connection Kit, etc.

6. Will the Camera Connection Kit permit using a 3rd party USB webcam? Or is it strictly for transferring files?

7. How robust is the iPad’s screen?

8. What additional screen protection does the iPad Case provide?

9. How warm (hot) does the iPad run?

10. How will ebooks in the iBookstore be priced?