10 Original Reactions to NYT Shutdown

The Washington and New York media worlds tipped over on their heads today as the NYT shutdown due to technical issues. So we mined Twitter for the best of and — lets face it — endless and some terrible reactionary comments to the temporary interruption. Even crazy bearded Dave Hughes of DCRTV noticed something unusual was happening today: “Journos in a f*ckin’ panic today with the NY Times’ website down. Sheesh…” he remarked.

So who actually had something interesting to say?

Wishful Thinking?

10. “What, you thought Jeff Bezos was going to buy the Post and play defense?” — WaPo‘s Ezra Klein.

The Pseudo-Intellectual

9. “Due to an epistemology error, every single sentence and image in the Times was wrong. All the news has been retracted. We regret the error.” Salon‘s Alex Pareene.

The Emotional

8. “I haven’t read Maureen Dowd yet. #PanickingOverHere” — CQ Roll Call‘s Abby Livingston.

7. “Going to grow a mustache & ask cabbies what they think about grand bargains to fill the void in my life #NYTDown” — Matt O’Brien, Associate Editor at The Atlantic.

And the overly helpful…

6. “NYT reporters: b/c im a good dude i will gladly post ur scoops on buzzfeed dot com if you’d like under my byline. you know, b/c i care.” — Charlie Warzel, deputy tech editor, BuzzFeed.

See the remaining five…

The Voice of Doom and Gloom

5. “When the New York Times comes back, it’s going to be all GIFs and lists. You asked for this, America.” — pourmecoffee.

A valid question…

4. “And where is @brianstelter when you actually really need him?” — Emily Bell, Director of Tow Centre for Digital Journalism at Columbia J-School.

The facetious

3. “Now how I am supposed to find out if Maureen Dowd REALLY doesn’t like Hillary Clinton???” — Politico‘s Ben White.

3a. “All the news that fits.” — Reuters‘ Jack Shafer.

3b. “Bold experimental journalism today on NYT.com.” — Forbes‘ Alex Kantrowitz.

Downright gleeful…

2. “NYTimes.com is dead and the redesigned NPR.org is ALIVE!” — Politico‘s Dylan Byers.

The evil genius.

1. “I hope the Times is doing this intentionally just to passive-aggressively prove that we all want to read it.” — The Hill‘s healthcare and Supreme Court reporter Sam Baker.