10% of Fortune 500 Blogging

Measuring “traditional” media can be time consuming in itself, without even getting into tracking thousands of blogs, forums, and other social media outlets for your clients.

A new report released today by analyst firm Aberdeen Group and Web 2.0 Social Marketing agency Converseon highlights some of the business benefits of measuring and monitoring social media.

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On a related note, PR and social media blogger John Cass notes that 10% of the Fortune 500 are now blogging.

For you lazy ones, key findings from the report are posted after the jump.

It found that Best-in-Class organizations are over 680% more likely than Laggards to improve their ability to predict customer behavior through the use of social media monitoring and analysis tools.

Best-in-Class companies are nurturing technology implementation with key organizational processes and capabilities, such as a formalized process for monitoring consumer-generated content (65%), dedicated personnel devoted to social media monitoring (52%), and an “early warning system” for detecting potential threats to the brand (42%).

As a result of strong organizational support, Best-in-Class companies are 5 times more likely than Laggards to be “extremely satisfied” with the number of actionable insights derived from social media monitoring and analysis.