10 Must-See Digital Marketing Stats From the Week: Dec. 15-19

Facebook video explodes while Star Wars uses the social force

Here are this week's 10 most intriguing numbers from the digital marketing space, including data about what's currently on the minds of brand marketers and a few eyebrow-raising social media stats.

1. Facebook's video spigot has apparently opened dramatically in recent weeks. In September, the social media platform said it served 1 billion videos daily, though an Adweek source says that figure has ballooned to 3 billion videos every day.

2. Starting next month—as in less than two weeks from today—some agencies will start demanding 100 percent ad viewability from publishers, Digiday reports. If advertisers are serious about that mandate, well, that's a debate that could quickly turn into a scrum in early '15. In April, the Media Ratings Council established a standard that half of an ad needs to be in view for one second in order for it to count as a chargeable impression.

3. According to new stats from Salesforce, 86 percent of brand marketers say that building a holistic marketing approach is a top priority, but only 29 percent of companies say they actually have the needed infrastructure to bring the concept to fruition.

4. Barbie has the largest social media following when it comes to toy brands, per Brand Chorus' research, though Lego's marketers do the most with their following, which includes 10 million Facebook fans.

5. Combining Google's search advertising data and location data, Famous Footwear said that 15 to 17 percent of the clicks on its Google ads have produced an in-store visit in the past year.

6. Here's a nice way to send The Colbert Report off for good. Stephen Colbert's spoofy brainchild for Comedy Central had the top-performing organic Gif on Tumblr in 2014, according to the social platform, garnering 406,520 notes. (Notes are Tumblr's engagement version of likes or retweets.)

7. AT&T ran the best paid ad on Tumblr this year, drawing 448,250 notes for its "when you know what you want, call me" effort. 

8. Victoria's Secret posted a YouTube video featuring its supermodels lip-syncing Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" on Dec. 8. It was the top brand clip on the video channel last week, and has accrued 5.4 million views in less than two weeks.

9. What's $15 million between friends? An interesting byproduct of the the Sony corporate email hacks was the revelation that Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel green-lit the purchase of smartglass company Vergence Labs for that princely sum. Vergence was owned by his old college buddy, Jonathan Rodriguez.

10. 668,000. That's how many Instagram followers Star Wars has 12 months before the seventh edition of the movie franchise hits theaters. You can bet that number will be closer to six million by this time next year.