10 mobile apps featured at the SF AppShow including Blue Kangaroo, BigDay! and Madefire

Ten mobile apps were showcased at the SF AppShow event yesterday. The SF AppShow, which has been running for three years and on its 15th show, was created with the intention for app developers to stand out among hundreds of thousands of apps in the marketplace. The show crammed all 10 apps into a rapid fire hour long session where presenters had to explain and demonstrate their app on stage in six minutes along with an introductory elevator pitch. The show was moderated by A New Domain blog founder Gina Smith, and presenters also had to field questions from the audience during their presentations at game incubator YetiZen’s San Francisco office.

“Seth [Socolow] has done a phenomenal job of trying to uncover great new companies right when they are about ready to take off and be able to surface them for people in the industry and the press, so that it becomes this great megaphone for new ideas,” says Laurence Marks, chief revenue officer of Blue Kangaroo. “I’m very excited and proud to be a part of.”SF AppShow 10 apps

The ten apps at the show were Blue Kangaroo, Rumgr, BigDay!, DocuSign Ink, Chocolapps’ children’s interactive reading app Zorro, Projectbook, Stay.com, Glaze, AppDisco and Madefire.

SF AppShow founder and executive producer Seth Socolow said more than 140 apps have presented at these events, with past mobile app debuts including Waze, Uber and Dropbox’s iOS app. Three notable apps that presented at the AppShow and were later acquired include Navigon, Chomp and Air Guitar.

Below are three of the standout mobile apps from the show:

Blue Kangaroo — Blue Kangaroo is a Google for deals and offers, according to Marks. He explained that the deal-finding app scours the Internet for deals and offers based off a user’s interests. Blue Kangaroo is working with more than 100,000 different sources including daily deal services like Groupon, local deals from Yelp and big brand retailers. The app automatically pushes deals and offers based on the interests its users care about. For example, a user could be notified via a toast notification from Blue Kangaroo while they are browsing Macy’s site, displaying offers from Macy’s that are relevant to what the user was doing. Blue Kanagroo will release on mobile first as part of browser app Skyfire’s Horizon browser extension for Android in mid November. Blue Kangaroo will later release in app form in December on Android and in January on iOS.

BigDay! — BigDay! is a gift reminding app that utilizes push notifications to remind users when their friends or family members have an upcoming birthday or anniversary, and to get them a gift for those occasions. Co-founder Joe Bruzda says they are working with more than 400 merchants including Amazon, Macy’s, Nordstrom and more, for users to shop from and buy gifts for their friends or family members. On the social side, users can build out profiles with their favorite stores as well as wish lists for each store so people can know exactly what to buy for someone. The app has a similar concept to Facebook Gifts, but is not limited to only Facebook friends. BigDay! will be released on iOS in a few days and users can already start using the service at their website.

Madefire — Motion book app Madefire, which launched in June, announced a new (and free) browser-based platform for writers and artists to create their own motion books. The app creators hope the app turns into a platform now that users can create and publish their own interactive media content on the Madefire app. The Madefire team also wants to expand its graphic novel and comic content into different types of media. Creators can sign up to be a part of the beta for their tool here.