10 Great Apps To Play With Family on Christmas Day

Checkout the 10 great applications and games for your family to play with on Christmas Day.

After opening up all of Santa’s gifts from under the tree, Christmas Day can sometimes get a little dull. Check out these 10 great Facebook applications to play with your family to sweeten things up:

Coca-Cola Christmas Snow Globes
Need to make a Christmas wish? Coca-Cola has an application that allows users to make a Christmas wish on their own personalized snow globe. After creating a snow globe, Coca-Cola posts the user’s personalized wish on their website for the rest of the world to see!
Santa Claus Coloring Game
The Santa Claus Coloring Game will be plenty of entertainment for the day, especially if you have children at home. Choose from a wide array of colors to create your own creative touches to the variety of pictures to choose from. Share finished portraits with family and friends via Facebook or print them out to hang up on the refrigerator.
My Christmas Tree
Putting up the Christmas tree is the best part about Christmas, but taking it down is always the worst. Check out this Christmas tree application that allows users to put up a Christmas Tree with their friends as the ornaments! Selectively choose which friends you want and do not want on your tree! Don’t be surprised to see your own face on a friend’s tree!
Christmas Application
Sending Christmas gifts is part of the Christmas spirit, even though we all hate the shopping part. Instead of going out to shop, why not send gifts via Facebook to your family and friends? With this Christmas application, sending Christmas gifts has never been easier. Choose from a selection of different gifts to send out to your friends and family with a personal message.
easyhi Video Ecards
Plenty of Christmas applications out there allow users to post still faces on Christmas cards. easyhi makes some alterations to the norm by allowing users to send videos. With this application, easyhi turns your videos into Christmas and New Year’s Eve video ecards!
Christmas Dodge
I always say that there is nothing better than a game with a simple objective. In Christmas Dodge, the user must dodge Santa out of the way of the falling snowflakes. The good news is that the objective is simple, the bad news is that it is is difficult to dodge Santa out of the way of falling snowflakes. See how long you can last without running Santa into one!
Christmas Polaroid Maker
Wish a Merry Christmas to your Facebook friends with this photogenic application! Each picture that a user chooses will be placed into a Polaroid photo with the Facebook user’s name underneath. Feel free to add as many Facebook friends as you’d like to your collage of photos!
Christmas Sudoku
Christmas Sudoku is not what usual Sudoku players would expect from a Sudoku game. Usually in Sudoku, players are faced with patterns of numbers. In this Christmas application, players are faced with snowmen, gingerbread men, candles and presents! Christmas Sudoku may seem overwhelming at first, but any true Sudoku fan can handle the Christmas alterations!
Christmas Greetings
Another big part of Christmas is sending out Christmas cards! Send Christmas greeting cards to your Facebook friends with this application. Choose from a variety of different greeting cards to impress your friends!
Victorian Snow Globes
Instead of sending your friends greeting cards, how about sending them snow globes? Victorian Snow Globes allows the user to send snow globes to friends and family members via Facebook. Find the perfect snow globe for each of your Facebook friends!

Have a Merry Christmas!