10 Google Plus Reactions to the Death of Kim Jong Il

If you haven’t heard, Kim Jong Il passed away this morning.  The notoriously barred North Korean government isn’t releasing any specific information, but social networks of all types were out in droves to comment on the news.  In a situation similar to the death of Osama bin Laden, there are some that are celebrating the news, while others condemn the celebration of a person’s death, no matter how controversial the figure.  I take a look at 10 interesting comments from Google Plus to get a feel for the social media response.

It’s interesting to see how the news blows up on Google Plus versus other networks.  We could see that a lot of conversation aggregated around one person’s specific post.  The “Breaking News” news profile site reported the news at 1:12am this morning, and ran a whole story right on Google Plus, and then linked to all sorts of major news sites that covered the news.  This post was also updated over time, and that made it a key source for breaking news.

Also, I noticed in the comments that some people had used Google’s new Hangout now feature, which lets people that are commenting jump into a Hangout to chat.  The one about Kim Jong Il actually got 11 people into a room!  Pretty impressive for an off-the-cuff chat.