10 Google Buzz Mobile Tips from Google Itself (Is Anyone Using Buzz?)

Remember Google Buzz? Google’s answer to social networking “frienemies” Facebook and Twitter launched with a lot of excitement. Um, is anyone still using it? Or are you just feeding your tweets over to it and then stopped looking at it. It may turn out to be more of an aggregator like Friendfeed (now owned by Facebook) than a tier one social networking service.

However, if you are still using it and want to learn how to use it more effectively from your phone, Google has a bunch (10) tips for you:

5 tips for using Google Buzz on your phone

5 more tips for using Google Buzz on your phone

Here’s the short version of these Google Buzz for mobile tips

1. Search for a place to post from
2. Learn more about a tagged place
3. Choose to share privately or publicly
4. View mobile profiles and follow new people
5. Auto-finish @reply
6. Post buzz with your voice.
7. Filter the Nearby tab for a specific place
8. Search!
9. Post from your city-level location
10. Refresh your location

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