10 Fans say Goodbye to Guitar Hero in 140-Characters or Less

It’s official: Activision is shutting the doors on Guitar Hero. The days of plastic power chords are over, and fans are feeling the pain: “RIP Guitar Hero” has been a trending topic for hours now. We’ve gathered ten Twitter fan farewells to the sometimes-beloved, sometimes-scorned plastic guitar video game – some tearful, some sarcastic, but all affected by the passing of a video game giant.

Sometimes questions have no answers

We know it’s not fair, but it’s just part of the circle of life.

Time for Rock Band’s domination

No longer will the fans of Guitar Hero battle the fans of Rock Band – as this Twitter user points out, the Guitar Hero camp has been decimated.

Reality check

A not-so-sad goodbye that was echoed all over the Twittersphere: now that Guitar Hero the game is gone, maybe people will start actually playing guitars (but we like to think that kids will still think they’re heroes… it’s good for self-esteem!)


That Guns n’ Roses solo has never sounded as good as it did on a plastic fretboard with five colored buttons.

More memories

We all have these secret moments with Guitar Hero, admit it – they will be missed.

And more memories

Lots of people have Guitar Hero memories near and dear to their hearts, it seems.

Not sad to see it go

Tough love from this Twitter user… and plenty of others who thought that Activision should have taken better care of their customers.

Farewell tour

It’s almost like your favorite band is breaking up! We feel your pain.

Wasted youth

If it helps, you’re not the only one. We assure you.

Putting it out of its misery

Perhaps Activision acted out of the kindness of its heart…