10 Facebook Apps with 1 Million Users

As luminaries have noted, Facebook’s Platform represents a paradigm shift in the way entrepreneurs should be thinking about web development and software distribution.

And the numbers don’t lie. Already, in just 3 weeks, 10 Facebook applications have already been adopted by 1 million users. What do you see??


1. Top Friends3,940,140 Facebook users

Save time and show your friends some love. Add a box of up to 24 of your BFFs to your profile. Now they are one click away, you don’t have to search every time you want to go check up on them. Now the question is… who is in your top friends box?


2. iLike3,264,423 Facebook users

iLike lets you add music to your profile and find your favorite concerts (not to mention see who else is going!). Bonus: Use it to get free mp3’s that match your tastes and try to beat your friends at the Music Challenge.

Fortune Cookie

3. Fortune Cookie 2,324,063 Facebook users

Is he the one? Does she have a crush on you? Should you take that job? The Fortune Cookie knows and tells all. May all your fortunes come true. (Zero MSG.)


4. Horoscopes2,316,441 Facebook users

Whats in store for you? Will today be the day? Find out by adding a RockYou horoscope to your page and get updates every-other-day covering all zodiac signs.


5. Graffiti2,184,405 Facebook users

Graffiti lets you draw on your friends’ profiles.

Flixster Movies

6. Movies2,155,894 Facebook users

Rate & review movies, share reviews with friends and meet over 14 million other film fans already on Flixster.

X Me

7. X Me1,974,751 Facebook users

Tired of just poking? X me opens up a whole new world of action-based communication, for example ‘Hug Her, Slap Him, Tickle Them!’


8. Mobile1,887,157 Facebook users

The Facebook Mobile application allows you to view a stream of the latest content your friends have uploaded via Facebook Mobile. It also provides a phonebook view of your friends, and allows you to subscribe to your friends’ mobile content.

Free Gifts

9. Free Gifts1,240,885 Facebook users

Allows you to send gifts for free! Gifts will be added constantly!


10. SuperPoke!1,077,002 Facebook users

Why just poke when you can pinch, hug, tickle, pwn or even throw sheep?

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