10 Brands That Had the US Team’s Back During Its World Cup Win

shutterstock_179029337Last night we saw Delta get a bit carried away by its enthusiasm over the American team’s 2-1 victory over Ghana and forget that not all African countries include giraffes.

It was your average Twitter gaffe, really–but quite a few consumer brands and other public entities had more appropriate responses to the game and the eventual victory on social.

You’ll find them after the jump.

FIRST: Check out this Vine for a snapshot of Twitter activity before and after the winning goal.

1. McDonald’s

It’s true that some took issue with this tweet because Ghana is not the world’s most secure country when it comes to food supply. But we do love bad puns.*

2. Oreo

The cookie kings showed us real-time marketing in action yet again.

3. Applebee’s

We hope those were margaritas.

4. Joe Biden

…and we hope that somebody saved one for Joe.

5. CBS Sports


6. Central States Beverage Company

We’ve never really heard of this brand, but we do like beer…and we can’t imagine a better way to celebrate a goal.

Not all the brands were “in the moment” as the US claimed victory; some of them just knew

7. Nike


8. Saks Fifth Avenue

These shoes will look great never touching a football field.

9. The New York Jets

We’d love to get a shout-out from Men’s Soccer, but then we’re not an NFL franchise, are we?

10. HSN



*Speaking of bad puns, we greatly appreciated HLN’s efforts to round up all the worst “I’m Ghana…” tweets here.

BONUS BONUS: Hiltzik Strategies

Leave it to a child to keep it true and simple.


We have no idea whether an especially enthusiastic Wikipedia editor actually made this change. But like so many others on Twitter last night, we choose to believe.

Now who did we miss?

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