Twitter Will Pass 10 Billion Tweets Very Soon (It Could Be You)

November, 2008 – Twitter reaches 1 billion tweets.

October, 2009 – Twitter reaches 5 billion tweets.

Sometime over the next couple of days, Twitter should pass the 10 billion mark, which is an incredible accomplishment in a relatively short period of time.

This is according to data provided by, which tracks all tweets via an almost mesmerising GigaTweet counter.

Last month, we reported how Twitter was now averaging close to 50 million tweets per day. GigaTweet has charts for that, too.

As well as per hour.

In case you’re wondering how they work this out, all tweets are conveniently tagged with their number, which is contained in the URL.

For example, this tweet is number 9,887,809,135.

Who will get tweet 10 billion? Just how many of these tweets are spam or ‘pointless babble‘? And how long would it take you to read them all?

More importantly, shouldn’t Twitter really give out some kind of prize?

(Hat tip to Diana Adams, her friend @cheth and Mashable.)