10 Awesome Twitter Tools for Musicians (And Music-Lovers, Too!)

Twitter is a great way to share content, and what better content is there than your favorite band or some tracks you’ve put together yourself? We’ve compiled a list of 10 great Twitter tools for musicians and music-lovers to share what they love with their followers. So crack out those headphones, get your toes ready for tapping, and check out these tools!


twt.fm lets you share music with your Twitter followers. After logging in with Twitter, you type in an artist or a track into the twt.fm field and it will generate a track page that is skinned like your Twitter profile that you can tweet out, and your followers can listen to without having to download a thing.


Song.ly is similar to twt.fm, but it doesn’t skin the song page like your profile, as you don’t have to sign in with Twitter before sharing a song.


Tra.kz is a URL shortener service designed specifically for bands and artists to share their music with their fans. It allows musicians to create a page with their single, and share it using a shortened link via Twitter.

Famecount Music Chart

Check out the hottest musicians on social media with Famecount’s Music Chart. You can see which of your favorite (or not so favorite) music stars have the highest Twitter count. You can browse this list just for fun, or use it as a target for your eventual rise to musical fame!


While Twitpic is infinitely useful for sharing photos on Twitter in the general sense, it’s the perfect tool for concert-goers and musicians, too. You can share pics of your latest jam session, your first time crowd surfing, or the after-party using this Twitter-specific photo sharing tool.


tweeturmusic is like a Twitter jukebox – it lets you listen to your favorite songs, and tweet them whenever the fancy strikes you. It leverages the Play.me community, and offers plenty of songs for an almost endless playlist.


Twiturm.com is a Twitter-based community for musicians to share their audible products with fans. It allows musicians to upload an MP3 file and turns it into a web page that can be tweeted, shared, and tracked.


With Swift.fm, you can share, discover, and enjoy music in a Twitter-based community. Musicians can promote their songs via Twitter, fans can interact with their favorite musicians, and Swift.fm is even working to include talent discovery services for labels in future releases.


Tuneticker automatically tweets your iTunes activity to your Twitter account, using the hashtag #nowplaying. This is a great little desktop app for sharing your musical tastes with your followers, but you might want to only use it on select occasions, or you might turn people off with music tweets every 3 to 5 minutes.


Tinysong allows you to type in the name of a song, and serves up an array of options for listening to – and sharing – that song. As Tinysong accesses Grooveshark’s massive library of full songs, you’ll never run out of music to listen to or to tweet.