10 Android Apps to Make You More Productive

Despite the fact that I love iPhone and the thousands of cool apps that can be used on this mobile device, we can’t ignore the fact that there are other cool phones with amazing apps under their wings. One of such mobile phones is Google Android-powered mobile devices. So, if you like the various applications that we covered for the iPhone, in this post we have ten of the best productivity apps for the Android devices. If you own and Android device, you might want to get some, if not all, of those apps. All of these apps are available for free at the Android market.

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With the Holiday Season just a few months away, this app could be a valuable tool for your shopping chores. This app helps you to be a smart shopper. It allows you to scan barcode and quickly check whether you are really getting a good sale price. It also provides you with product reviews, shopping lists, wish lists and other shopping related information.





Of course we all know that a good music gives you a peace of mind. And with that it boosts your productivity as well. Hence we’ve included Shazam as a productivity app. Shazam is one of the most popular music app for the iPhone and its bringing the same features to the Android devies. With this app you can identify music tracks, store and buy them as well. You can also learn more information about song artists and lets you connect to your MySpace page.




At some point in time we might find ourselves need a voice recorder to record an important information. Thankfully, this app does the job quite well. It lets you do voice recording using your Android device and lets you save it to your phone’s SD card. This app also lets you send a voice recording via an attachment in Gmail.





One of the most important mobile productivity app is of course a Task List app. Astrid gives you a powerful application that helps you be more organized with that tasks that you need to accomplish. It facilitates tagging of tasks, helps you create reminders, add tasks to your phone’s calendar, sync with Remember-the-Milk app and more.





One of the most used app in my iPhone is a a notepad. In fact, I’ve tried almost every note-taking application available on the iPhone app. Thankfully for my Android device, there’s only a few of these apps to choose from. And I’ve chosen NoteEverything. This app lets you create different kinds of notes such as text, image through paint app, voice, checklist and even photo notes. It also lets you organized your notes into various folders. And for easy access to this app, you can create shortcuts of the notes category that would sit on your Android phone’s home screen.



How can we not include a Facebook app for the Android phone? Despite the fact that Facebook can be counterproductive, still we should not discount the fact that social networking chores are part of our daily productive activities. Fbabble is a pretty neat Facebook app for the Android phone that lets you chat with your Facebook friends, upload photos, and post status updates on your Facebook profile. An added bonus feature lets you post Tweets to your Twitter account.




If there’s a Facebook app on the Android phone, there should also be a Twitter app. And Twitroid is that app. This full-featured Twitter client app lets you post photos using your Android phone. Other features include location support, auto-completion, and an integrated Twitter notificaiton functionality.