5 Alternatives to Goodreads

Amazon announced plans to acquire Goodreads, the social network for readers, yesterday afternoon. Many people expressed disappointment about the news on Twitter. While Goodreads, assured fans that the team behind the community is not going away, for those of you looking for an alternative to the soon-to-be Amazon company, we’ve made a list of five other social networks for readers. We’ve included links and the site’s description to help give you an idea of what these various social networks for authors have to offer.

5 Alternatives to Goodreads

1. weRead: “weRead is your own online virtual bookshelf and a great community for book lovers. Whether you love classics or popular fiction; whether you love Dickens or Dan Brown; weRead is a place where you can find others who share your reading tastes and through them discover new books that you will absolutely love.”

2. Book Glutton: “BookGlutton is an online bookstore and community for reading groups. It allows online communities to chat inside the book they’re reading and annotate each paragraph, sharing their activity with other readers.”

3. Readernaut: “Helping you keep your place. Hovering from above.”

4. Bookish: “Bookish taps the expertise of authors, their editors and their publishers to find you the best reads. Tell us which books you like and we’ll show you more like them.”

5. Wattpad: “Authors, publishers and agents use Wattpad as a mobile platform for online engagement and to create purposeful relationships with readers.”