1 Second Everyday App Hits App Store

The 1 Second Everyday app is now available in the App Store for 99-cents, a simple tool for taking one second snippets from your life and creating a beautiful film.

Creator Cesar Kuriyama raised nearly $57,000 to develop the app on Kickstarter. You can see how the tool works in the video embedded above–what do you think? An Android edition is coming soon…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt that I have a pretty bad memory. If you asked me about a particular year—say, 2007—I really couldn’t go into detail about it. Sure I remember where I lived and where I worked. I could probably find some photos to remember a couple of notable events by, but what about all the days in between? What did I do then? … Instead of letting the days, months, & years blend together into a hazy mush, make each day have meaning! This project continues to provide me with priceless data on how I’m living my life, and it can do that for you, too. Reliving the past month in 30 seconds—or a year in 6 minutes—provides a treasured perspective on life. (Via Steve Bryant)